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Another Day…. Another Dollar October 5, 2005

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Or, More hopefully a few dollars. 
No blogging fo a few days, engrossed in highly entertaining novel.  If you have not heard of Jeff Lindsay, and you like crime stories, you need to go find his books.  Deeply Devoted Dexter is the latest, and it is FANTASTIC.  Told from the view of a sociopathic individual, it is unique in its genre. 
Also on the bright side, no more headaches.  Apparantly my sinus cavities have simply exploded inside my head, hence the disappearance of the horrible pressure.  I am beginning to LOVE the cold weather…..
Strange things afoot at work, we have a case in which a woman allegedly found a condom in a pizza.  There is a significant amount of debate as to how one could go about proving at which stage of the pizza making/delivery/eating process the condom was actually inserted into the pizza. How do you tell how much heat a condom has been exposed to, and just what is the best way of determing how much heat is in a pizza at any of its various stages, etc.  Not to mention the sticky issue of biological evidence.  So far that topic is lying under the table.  No one REALLY wants to believe you could find something like that in your food in the first place, let alone the admittance of whether it had been used for its intended purpore prior to such findings.
I am reminiscent of the Wendy’s finger in the chili that made nationwide news (ewww) and am very glad that some things do not get the same amount of publicity others do. 
The other topic at work: Potty training.  You would not think that potty training could inflame tempers, could cause debate or whatnot, but apparantly there are a few different trains of though on the whole thing.  THe first includes timing potties, and trying to convice child to do what we all know they eventually must.  The latter involves introducing child to concept and waiting till they are good and ready.  Me, I am with the latter.  Having tried the former with my daughter and FAILED miserably, son got the second tactic.  Just wait.  DH is at home with him however and really had to bear the brunt of the theory, but when he was ready he was ready. 1 month later we are having practically no struggles, he wanst to do this, and even wears big boy undies to bed, staying dry.  But the whole point is just saying such things leads tho office into chaotic my parenting is better than your parenting debates.  I am particularly conviced I hate these becasue most of them are probably better than I am, however for once I got to be smug.  Now I just get to enjoy the office potty training debates 🙂

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