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Woooo Hoooooo… October 6, 2005

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Yes, that would be a BIG woo hoo…..
Despite all the doubt I carry around with me, at WW today I weighed in 5.8 pounds lighter than when I started last week!!! Like I said however, I carry a very large bag of doubt….so I am not in any kind of disillusionment that it will be like that every week, but it sure does feel like a nice start. 
Absolutely NO interesting jobs today.  SO it is a good thing that something interesting happened… one of the engineers here was playing with his 2 1/2 year old last night, and the child fell, and knocked out two of his teeth!!!  His daddy license has been revoked, and today he has to take the poor tot in to be fit for a partial!!! Anyway, despite SEVERAL calls to dentists and a visit to the emergency room last night, not one single soul told them that there was a good chance that the teeth could be implanted again…NOT ONE!!!
Anyway, we have now learned a few things….
ALWAYS keep your tooth in a glass of milk until YOUR dentist tells you otherwise to your face,
Baby teeth ARE a big deal as speech development depends on them,
and you are never to young for dentures.
OH and your kid is WAY tougher than you are, so really if it is an accident MILD bad feeling will do….. Really… how many three year olds do you know that have not had at least ONE black eye???  My son has taken some doozy falls, and kisses heal them…..such being said, toothless tot seemed to be only mildly phazed by the incident and after a moments worth of crying, got over it, I am not sure his mother took it that well.  Now I do not know about you, but I think if I lost a couple of teeth impromptu like, I might have more than a three minute crying jag. 
 P.S. Now feeling a bit smug about parenting skills, as I have never, ever managed to knock out a tooth!

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