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Time Flies…. October 12, 2005

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Well, it seems like I get here practically every day to make an entry…only to find I don’t.
Phone lines at our house are down as of Tuesday night and the phone company can’t come out and fix them until tomorrow.  Which basically stinks.  We are in the middle of too many things right now to not have a phone. 
Work is work,  nothing very interesting as of late… fact just a litany of broken rafters, sunken slabs and other dull things.  I keep hoping for something a little more interesting.
We do have a couple of jobs where we get to do some testing though.  Now while you might expect that to be interesting… isn’t.  I mean, really, unless you truly get into shearwalls and the strength of shearwalls, the testing we are doing right now is BBBBOOOOOOORRRRRIIIIINNNNGGGG….yawn.
SO I am relegated to data entry.  I don’t know much about the legal system in all honesty, although I learn more and more every day, and one thing I can tell you is that if you are ever involved in a class action law suit…… are basically making a law firm, (or a few law firms) a LOT of money.  See class action lawsuits involve a LOT of data….becasue they involve a LOT of people.  Legal people do not like to share data… if the lawsuit is against you and you put together a nice database of info regarding all involved in the suit, you do not share that.  What you do is send the opposition THOUSANDS of copies of the questionairres that the class action parties filled out, and let them spend countless more hours making their own database.  Granted the nature of lawsuits is that the parties are opposed to each other…..but if you only saw how many times I have digitally recreated something that we only had hard copy, and that the opposition had e-filed… would make you cry.  Especially since the majority of it is purely data…not conclusions or case stuff or any such thing.  ANyway, I guess they figure if I paid to have it done you should to.  The curious question is why I get to do it. 
If I listed all the inefficient, money wasting things I have seen it would take me a whole day, and I am rather offended because I instead have the spend the whole day doing inefficient money wasting things.

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