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So Whats new… June 27, 2006

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Frankly….Not much 🙂
I made a very cute poncho top, and am quite smug… have been getting compliments ALLL Day 🙂
In fact I like to think it is quite slimming. 
Still thinking of mom, who can sew the holy bejeezuz out of anything you give her, and can’t believe that people are impressed with this.  If they saw what she did?? Holy cow.  Amazing.
Nonetheless, I will continue to soak up cleverness vibes being tossed at me in complimentary ways 🙂
Hmmm… lets see….
Crocheting little messenger bag for DD, only not sure where to go from here, pattern originally started as potholder……will have to see if my muse strikes if so will post soon 🙂
And bought BEAUTIFUL yarn, I mean real wooly merino stuff, in vivid color.  Now I know most people are not amazed by this….but HONESTLY I think I have never crocheted or knit anything other than cheap acrylics…so this is a major step up into big girl needlework. 
I have vowed to myself that before the end of this year I will knit or crochet at least ONE thing I will actually wear. — Secretly longing to knit socks–

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