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Skull Purse July 2, 2006

Filed under: Crafts — mintlatte @ 12:10 pm
Ok, so what do you do when your daughter is trying very hard to turn into a little punk rocker?? You help her out 🙂 Which means that the skull purse is finally finished.  I said before I was unsure how to finish it, so I took DD to the fabric store, she picked handles and the fabric for the inside, and all in all, I think it turned out well 🙂
She also picked up the stuff to do a pair of fun fur flip flops….I guess it kept her busy for a bit… especially since she felt the need to customize with sharpies as well 🙂
We went to a local fireworks show last night….and since we had to wait a while before dark, I turned out a new shell stitch dish cloth, which my MIL has already claimed 🙂  I asked her if she liked the crocheted dish cloths, she said she did and that she had lots of kitchen cotton for me if I wanted it! 
Nothing new started except some doodling with the crochet hook…..I wonder if you can do this with knitting needles…I can’t yet as knitting is still a bit foreign to me…but with a crochet hook, I can just start crocheting, circles, granny squares lacy patterns anything I can think of…so I guess I am just doing that. If it turns inot something I will post pics.

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