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Cold Shoulders July 6, 2006

Filed under: Crafts — mintlatte @ 8:02 am
Woo hoo…so cold shoulders is FINISHED 🙂 The beeeeuuuutiful wooly merino yarn has turned into an adorable shrug! First of all….this is major for me because I actually followed the pattern…I find myself completely unable to stick with patterns, I start, but the turn them into something else….like the pot holder purse 🙂
Anyway, I am proud to say the ONLY alteration to this is color and I made the pom poms smaller.
I really hate this picture though as I can not get it to give the color justice, this color is a rich purply pink color that is sooooo scrumptious. 
The project is from The Happy Hooker, which is one of the best crochet books I have seen for a while…..this is actually my second project from the book, if you count skull potholders that turn into a purse as the first.
Originally this was supposed to be for my daughter, but I can hardly stand to give it to her, and am thinking of hitting the walmart or Jo Anns to find a cheaper more washable substance to make another one out of for her.
So I guess I will just think on that 🙂

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