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New Finished Object :-) July 13, 2006

Filed under: Crafts — mintlatte @ 11:47 am
OK, so REALLY I finished this a couple days ago…but figured better posting now than later…thank DH for modeling…..
Other than that I am just a bundle of WIP….started a blanket for a friend at work having a baby soon 🙂 and some Skull holders for my sister.
BUT, I am going to spill my guts now…so yarn snobs……COVER YOUR EYES!!!
I am using Caron simply soft brites for the baby blanket….and I LOVE this stuff…it is soft and makes such NICE blanky fabric….plus totally washable so mom can relax 🙂
Now that I have expereinced some truly natural, WONDERFUL fibers, plus who wouldn’t love a yarn store…I know I love the ones near me……I can say I love the result….and they are nice to work with, but really, out of my price range for a lot of things I would like to make….rather than just not make things, I think the acrylic and acrylic blends out there are wonderful.  I think red heart worsted probably could use a revamp…but their symphony and some of their "novelty" yarns are wonderful and work up beautifully! Plus there are so many brands and wonderful blends….
Seriously, fiber snobbery just makes me feel badly sometimes, especially when I have put time and energy into a beautiful finished object….why whould I feel badly about the fact I had to use a less expensive yarn!! Especially when I and any recipients are thrilled with the product? Sigh, I know I should NEVER take it personally, but I did.  Anyway, now I am not.  I am going to firmly stand up for less expensive fibers and non tradional fiber choices in my stuff!  SO I guess if you are a fiber snob, this may not be the place for you.  I guarantee sometimes I will post stuff worthey of fiber snobbery, but most of my stuff will be cheap yarns found in chain stores. 
Ok enough of this rant….
Back soon with either a FO or a WIP 🙂

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