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Ahhhh….much better. August 7, 2006

Filed under: Crafts — mintlatte @ 8:50 am
Well for one, I have my car back!!!!!!!! And it is soooo happy. 
AND I finished the baby blanket! (see pics below) I am SOOOOOOOO happy with how this turned out, I am sure it could be better, It is pretty much my own improvised pattern (although I suspect that anyone who has used a crochet hook more than once or twice could do the same thing…) but I really like this.  For once I am very happy with my color choices….I sometimes wonder if I have any taste at all, but realize it is more of a patience issue than a taste issue.  How often have I grabbed whatever caught my eye first and didn’t really think about it?  BUT when I take the time to think about it, well I do much better. 
Not that I am ever unhappy with my results, but they certainly are more professional when I take my time. 
Plus the kids and I did theis great marbled paper this weekend with shaving cream and food colors… was SOOO fun and how can you not love the results 🙂
Anyway…just to stay on my toes I have started an afghan that I hope to have done before christmas…….It is a two yarn together with a N hook ripple type, so really, this should be no problem.   The pattern is fro Leisure Arts, Quick and Cozy Afghans….FOr some reason I had a pathetic time getting the ripple pattern started.  No matter what I did I was off a stitch or seven or eight.  I ripped that stupid row like 6 times.  Now I hate to blame this on the pattern, becasue it does not have any errors, but the way this pattern was written confused me.  Anyway, I have it now, and am up a few rows and think it will turn out GORGEOUS 🙂
Next time I will post pictures of my fill in projects….the things I pick up to do when I can’t stand the big project.  They are all impromptu, usually with no plans and yarn I have on hand, so do not judge them too harshly 🙂
Also on the bright side, the kids are almost ready for school…..DD has orientation this week(it will take all week for her to remember how to get into her locker) , and DS has his the day before he starts, but really how much orientation can preschool take.  I am terrified for DD, because she has my organizational skills.  I have truly cursed her. 

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