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The Great Craft Room Clean Up August 16, 2006

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OK, I know a lot of us crafty types are afflicted with disorganization.  But seriously I take the cake.  I have a whole room for my crafts, but still get the rest of my family mad as my crafts seep from room to room.  Bags of yarn, fabric pieces, and craft books lay in my wake.  As my family says, you can always tell where mom has been.
Now I had not intended to blog about this due to the potentially embarrasing content, however I must post photos, and albums do not work the same way as blog pictures, that or I am becoming technically inept…
So, I am spilling my guts and letting it all hang out. 
The urge to clean has been here for a while, it just had not nudged me into action, what did was this thread on craftster:;topicseen
So I am abliged to post pictures there. 
Might as well blab about this a bit, since I am airing it allllll out.
See before pictures? can you say scary? I can.  Essentially I had done nothing in my crafto room for months expect dig stuff out and not put it away.  The reasons are many, not the least of which, I got a new sewing machine and my room was not set up to give me anywhere to work….plus my old machine was still up down there. TO make a long story short, I just stored my new machine in my bedroom and sewed at the kitchen table, which worked OK until dinnertime 🙂  Plus I had a tendency to burn dinner while sewing that last seam or what not….
THen I realized what a horrid thing I had been doing, rifling through my craft room for that bit of elastic, or that one color yarn and not putting a damn thing away, becasue I was NEVER in that room!
When I saw the craftster thread, I just knew I had to reclaim my sanctuary, so I attacked it head on.  Y’all would be proud….I threw away my bunches of flowers with no flowers, donated my inherited WIPS, sorted my patterns and just cleaned an organized the heck out of everything, and now I have it back.
Seriously if you feel you must, click the pics.  I promise this is the only room in my house like this, don’t judge the crafty lest they gift you with tacky things…….

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