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Thumb Drive pocket :-) September 6, 2006

Filed under: Crafts — mintlatte @ 8:17 am
OK, so this is tiny, but cute….even cuter before I had to switch buttons, the old button was a terrific little vintage thing that actually had little cherries on it, but the shank broke.  This was the only one I had that would fit the bottonhole I made.
Anyway, I had a USB stick forever and it turns out DD could use on for school, the problem was mine had no case, lid, strap anything.  (It did used to have those 🙂
There was no way a sixth grader, especially mine, could take that thing to school without losing it.
My original inspiration is from here:
I used a heart shaped plastic caribiner instead, and made mine a little larger, plus I didn’t have any snaps, so I went with a button.
Anyway if all works out well, this should help her keep track of the thumb drive 
(and I am ALMOST out of this fabric 🙂

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