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Pretty Embroidered Sweater September 12, 2006

Filed under: Crafts — mintlatte @ 7:57 am
Well, I got the new Sublime Stitching book by Jenny Hart…
And I just couldn’t help myself.  I had to find something to embroider right away…
This is only half of a twinset, and I think I will finish the other half eventually…..but I have not worn it in
FOREVER, not sure why….anyway, now it is NEW again…lovely and floral and feminine and dare I say flattering even.
Hmm. Apparently humble is not my thing today.  Ah well. 
Anyway, this was also a trial in stabilizers for hand embroidery.  Freezer paper worked, but you had to have a lot of patience with it, stitches had to be pretty precise, because the paper does rip easily.  I had a Floriani brand wet and stick, which also worked ok, but felt kind of like it "grabbed" the needle, lastly I tried a Floriani Iron On tear away, which I must say I liked best.  The thing about the tear away though is tearing it away…I was so afraid it was gonna break my pretty little stitches…which is absurd, because they are done with all six strands of embroidery thread…..
Also learned that some stitches I just can not pull off….I actually took out the leaves twice.  I tried a couple of "leafy" looking stitches and was just never happy with them, so eventually I just ended up using the split stitch.
I also had thorns at one time, but they just looked like such a tradional neck outline, I ditched them.  I think if I could get a better line, I would add them in again….and I will definately use them on the sleeves of the other sweater 🙂 I do however like the variegated thread.  When I seperated the strands I actually did half from light to dark, and the other half dark to light, so it was like using two colors of thread with a varieageted effect. 
Pictures below….

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