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Yet another Sublime Stitching September 19, 2006

Filed under: Crafts — mintlatte @ 8:20 am
OK, so I decided I needed to stop carrying the elmo lunch bag to work.  And I made my self a new lunch bag 🙂
The pattern is again a Sublime Stitching pattern (I love veggies)
Almost had a total disaster with this one, turns out the handles on these bags are not just chaep nylon, they are really cheap melt at a low temp material…so when ironing the lining in the bag, I almost melted the handles.  I guess I could have put new ones on, but they didn’t melt too badly.
I have committed myself to donating crafted items for a craft fair my sons preschool has as a fundraiser, and really this is kind of a prototype for that, I think I will do two or three cute bags and fill them will dollar store toys as kind of to go totes…. still fleshing that one out though.  Fortuneately these go fast, catering to the procastinator in me 🙂
Alright, enough already, on th the pics 🙂 

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