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Hemming Jeans and other nonsense September 25, 2006

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OK, tell me why on earth do I continue to tell people I will hem their jeans. 
I HATE hemming jeans. Really.  Are you wearing jeans?? Feel your jueans.  They are thick. VERY thick.  Which is OK until you get to the sideseam where they are horribly layered into even thicker behemoths.  SO I load the damn jeans thread into my machine (notice it to is thick, VERY thick) which I might add my machine HATES….(OK, maybe it doesn’t hate it, but I do!) and I hem jeans.  I play with tension, iron the heck out the hem, fight it every step of the way, and wonder why on earth can’t people just buy jeans the right length….which is completely horrible, because my son has short legs, so I will be hemming jeans FOREVER>>>>>>>>>>>
Jeans hems always turn out to clean looking…no lighter spots, no variation, they just never look like jeans hems. SO I am never happy with them.
SO since I hemmed a pair of jeans this weekend, I did all sorts of fluffy non necessary crafting. 
I made a hat, some wristwarmers and a BIGGER puzzle ball. 
Hat and wristwarmers are Caron Simply soft in berry blue, the wristwarmers are loosely based on these and the hat is from the Vogue book of crocheted hats.  
Everything is all from stash… not stashbusting by any means, but hey every bit counts right 🙂
On the puzzleball, it would seem logical you could achieve the same results in a large on as in a small one just by scaling up the pattern, so I decided to try it.  Oddly enough, that is just not true.  See the pics yourself.  While the larger one is charming, it leaves "windows" the smaller one doesn’t have.  WOndering if it is possible to get the same effect and how to change the ration of length of pattern piece to width of pattern piece to achive this….
Pics below:

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