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Swap goodness!! September 28, 2006

Filed under: Crafts — mintlatte @ 7:43 pm
Ach so here is what my absolutely wonderful swap partner sent me…I swear she has been spying on me!!
how else could she have made such perfect stuff? First, a monster wreath… a seriously awesome huge teeth filled monster….Hee hee I LOOVE him and he is currently resident on my front door, just waiting to eat the next magazine selling schoolkid who shows up!!! ‘
Next up, I asked for a candy bowl, and boy did whe deliver….meet….the mummy….look at his eyes and just tell me he isn’t mad you are takin his candy…so awesome….
And finally (here is where I think she is truly stalking me) a halloween banner… kitche and living room are the same room with that little top wall divider in the middle….I hang lots of banners and what not there for various seasons….and this one is PERFECT for that….I didn’t even have to put up new nails…..
SO YAY for swappy goodness!!!

One Response to “Swap goodness!!”

  1. ALFRED Says:

    Karen those are adorable.  That Monster is something else.  She sure has you figured out.

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