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Thumb Drive pocket :-) September 6, 2006

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OK, so this is tiny, but cute….even cuter before I had to switch buttons, the old button was a terrific little vintage thing that actually had little cherries on it, but the shank broke.  This was the only one I had that would fit the bottonhole I made.
Anyway, I had a USB stick forever and it turns out DD could use on for school, the problem was mine had no case, lid, strap anything.  (It did used to have those 🙂
There was no way a sixth grader, especially mine, could take that thing to school without losing it.
My original inspiration is from here:
I used a heart shaped plastic caribiner instead, and made mine a little larger, plus I didn’t have any snaps, so I went with a button.
Anyway if all works out well, this should help her keep track of the thumb drive 
(and I am ALMOST out of this fabric 🙂

Stupid Computer, and finished item September 2, 2006

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OK, so I have been meaning to post this FOREVER, but my stupid computer won’t let me upload pictures.
So, lets see where to start…
Ages ago mom and I went to a craft show I had intended to blog about, it was pretty cool, and like always I got a few new ideas.  Funny though, last year the hot new thing was needle felting, and practically no one had heard of it.  This year I think every booth had something to do with needle felting 🙂
One of my favorites every year is CNT patterns, 
Not sure why, I just love her stuff, maybe it is because I am a sucker for those gorgeous cotton batiks….
Anyway, the reason this all comes up is because I finally used the fabric I bought from her this year to make the swing jacket. 
This thing is so comfortable it isn’t even right.  It is the second one I have made, the first was polar fleece.
Anyway, this one is perfect for our over air conditioned office.  I guess some people are comfortable there, but I feel like I am living in a stinkin’ igloo. 
The super nice thing about this pattern is that you can NOT mess it up 🙂 Seriously, it is EASY.  And she writes instructions WELL. Not only can I follow them, but there are illustrations so that I understand them 🙂
I wish the big pattern companies could take a hint and at least write good instructions on their easy patterns 😦
Anyway, this fabric was a bit of a splurge for me, so of course I could not let any go to waste, hence…the matching bag.  I tried to leave the flower off, but it wouldn’t let me.  I am posting a picture of the purse, and a hijacked picture.  Just for the record, for every item I take a picture of I usually have a picture like this.  It is where you click the button, and the only child in the vicinity pops their head in the room JUST IN TIME to make it into the picture .  
OH and since I mentioned the craft show, I also must link to  Awful cute stuff, WARNING HIP PEOPLE: site has county style charm….still check out their Christmas snowmen, they are soooo cute I could just eat them up. 
Also finished up some serious crafting for a swap.  Hopefully she receives her package soon and then I can post pictures!!
OH and look closely at the swing jacket picture, I have a new model:  Introducing Brunhilda!!
Hubby was tricked into wrapping me in duct tape, so he got naming honors.  Google duct tape dummy or duct tape double for multitudes of pages with instructions….easy project, so worthwhile, and WAY cheap.