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Curtains October 1, 2006

Filed under: Crafts — mintlatte @ 9:32 pm
OK, this weekend was filled with CURTAINS, I only succeeded in getting one window done, but done it is. 
It all began with what should have been an uneventful shopping trip.  Prior to shopping I had figured yardage needed and hoped to get a deco fabric as it would be wide enough to do two panels otherwise if I got 45" wide I would need twice as much yardage. 
Anyway at the store my daughter proved to be more difficult than I ever could have imagined.  If there was a cute affordable fabric, she hated it. If it was gaudy or impossible to make curtains with she loved it!!
Finally we found a beautiful duck cloth/canvas material, it would have been gorgeous.  Really…but I couldn’t help looking at it and thinking how in two years she was going to hate these and want something else…and because of the width of the fabric I was going to need some serious yardage.  Fortuneately we found the fleece.  I am pretty sure the designer of these curtains never intended them to be made of fleece, But I can’t help but be happy with the results.  Cute, super thick, I am sure they will help keep out the cold in the winter, and you can’t see a thing from the outside when they are closed.  I have one more window to go, but they go fairly fast once all the shopping is done.
Anyway at least if she decides she hates these in a year I won’t feel too badly 🙂

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