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Sigh. Work, traffic…rain…sigh. October 4, 2006

Filed under: Work — mintlatte @ 10:08 am
Really.  Work. Like EVERY day??
sigh. I am having work rebellion.  Even though I am working, I keep thinking in my head how I don’t want to be working. 
Yet work I must and work I will….if they ever stop the coffee pots I will go berserk. 
Anyway, I think it is not just work, but the commute.  On a weekend, I can find myself at work in about 20 minutes, and it only takes about 15 minutes to get home (better highway access)  But on a weekday?  Seriously.  Where do these people come from. 
1. MUST HAVE LEFT LANERS:  Not the ones who just stay there an go, these do not bother me too much, as long as they go. But the ones who get on the highway, going slower than traffic, and IMMEDIETLY cut over to the left lane.  Can I give a great big WTF to you people?  Seriously.
2. Highway engineers. Who really thinks stopping people at the end of an on ramp helps the flow of traffic.  Nothing better than cruising at a happy 40 during a good rush hour and coming to a complete stop at every on ramp becuase there is no time for incoming traffic to get up to speed.  And now they want to fix this by putting toll lanes in. Nice, except for the fact I STILL HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL THE WORST PARTS TO GET ACCESS TO A TOLL LANE!!!!!! (buttheads)
3. SLLLOOOWWW trucks.  I leave early sometimes just to avoid traffic.  Nothing is more fun than getting on the highway, up a hill when traffic is cruising at like 70 and the two semis in front of you can’t go faster than 30. Sigh.  I LOVE it.  Especially when there is another truck behind me so I can’t see, or some fancy sportscar that merges from behins ans speeds up real quick so then I can’t get over.  
4. Rush hour lane changers.  Man, y’all just need to give up.  Changing lanes 800 time to get 5 cars ahead in rush hour traffic is just pathetic.
5. Inclement weather of any kind.  People apparantly have issues with weather.  In any kind of weather you can increase my commute time to upwards of 45 minutes.  Thank goodness for boredom busters.  Yesterdays was taking rush hour pictures.  Really.  I spent half the commute at a dead stop why not take pictures?
SO no crafty goodness today.  Just silly commuting pictures 🙂

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