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More Halloween swap goodness…. October 9, 2006

Filed under: Crafts — mintlatte @ 9:38 am
Well, someone did get shafted in the Halloween swap I was in. SO I decided to angel for her and provide some swap yumminess (I hope)
I hit the post office today, so I hope she likes it all…..
There is a Cordicella purse (pattern from )
A fleece pillow with a reverse applique, a broken bone stuffie/pillow,
Felt sugar skulls, more vintage Halloween card magnets and a cute paint it yourself suncatcher. 
I really hope she likes it all, it rather stinks to be flaked on.
Anyway…the most elaborate think here is the purse….I have one and I LOVE it… it is my absolute favorite and the pockets on the outside are wonderful.  It is easy to make until you get to the bottom, at which point in time it takes on some…difficulty…but the results are so worth it. 
As for the sugar skulls, if I can ever find a way to host a proper tutorial on this blog (say a nice PDF) I will put directions up, but they are pretty easy to do based on just looking. 
hmm.  Enough jibber-jabber. 
Pics Below 🙂

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