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Costumes and Quilt Squares October 17, 2006

Filed under: Crafts — mintlatte @ 8:21 am
So It has been a while.  You could call it craft lethargy.  Or pants hemming sessions.  Really. I just keep getting pants to hem.
Any way, all hope is not lost…we have Halloween costumes to make!!  So far we have a good start on DD. A couple years ago I bought her a deluxe Cinderella costume. Which was great and princessy and she wore the heck out of it.  But now she is older and FAR too mature to be Cinderella, even though the dress still fits.  Dead Cinderella however is another story.  SO we have been doing some quick work to modify the cinderella dress.  Some tatters and some black fabric spray paint and we are a whole lot closer to dead 🙂 The next step will be to glue/sew on some of that spider web stuff and some spiders. 
Among all the other misc. pouring out of my craft room are these two quilt squares that are going to a memorial quilt (or two) for the Irwin family.  The one with the alligator I owe special credit to, the alligator (crocodile?) is an illustration/linedrawing by Ken Batelman.  He graciously (After a totally random email) allowed me to use his image for this square.  Anyway, his other work is just delightful, so much of it blends grown up stuff and themes with childlike ideas and imagination.  Franky, I am smitten 🙂 His website can be found at

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