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Halloween….Oh my. October 25, 2006

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Well, I have done what I thought was going to be harder than it was. 
Or something like that.  It is quite easy to transform pre teens into dead souls for Halloween, costuming  for amatuers.  What is more difficult is to costume up a three year old.  Because dead does not cut it. My experience with costumes is at this point I think good.  Great?? No, but good. 
I have transformed the daughter into Cinderella (by making my first anything that qualified as wearable when she was younger, which is why when she was older we simply purchased the deluxe Cinderella kit), a variety of misc. glittery princesses, and really the topper of them all…Jessie the cowgirl (she was the BEST Jessie ever…I will have to see if I can find some old pics)
But the boy…he wants to be a spider.  Not the round spider that there is a pattern for, but a "real" spider.  Not a dinosaur (which we have, mom made them for my brother when he was smaller than he is now 🙂
As it is at least I know opportunity when I see it, and this my friends was opportunity.  Now I get the wander and browse the fabric department looking for the perfect spider material, and since I do not know what spider material is, I will just have to peruse everything!! And peruse I did for an entire lunch hour.  As it turns out spiders are made of furry fleece that is on clearance for no apparent purpose, and they have sparkly silver things in them, also for no apparent purpose.  Two yards, 5 bucks….woohoo 🙂
After some debate with myself in terms of "totally wing it" or "base it off a pattern" (I lead myself astray often and create things with no basis in reality when left without some sort of a pattern) so I went with a pattern.  The only pattern I have in my library for boys included a long sleeve t-shirt…stitched a bit big to accomodate spider appendages, it was perfect. Hence the spider below…since I am lazy and he is fleece, I did not feel the need to finish any edges.  What you see is entirely serger created, with the exception of the furry strings holding the arms together.  Those I stitched by hand. (lol) Really ignore the hat.  It was not done yet.
It turns out the hardest part of this whole adventure was taking a picture of it.   It turns out my boy has amazing spider powers and moves very quickly.  (wishing I had though earlier to make DD little miss muffett….she would have hated it but I would have LOVED it )

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