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Skull shirt and testing MSN Writer October 25, 2006

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OK, it probably is a secret, but I hate it that I have not figured out how to put pictures in line yet, so I saved this for this post.  I am testing a new blogging tool which will hopefully make all of my blogging dreams come true.

As it turns out, I have a fantastic project to test with too….my son wanted a skull shirt, so it was time to break out the freezer paper and stencil away……

my gosh, could it be….an inline photo????????  Woo hoo how about another… this time a close up…..

 And I can control the size….

I do believe I am in love.  You may now expect to see tutorials in the near future 🙂

(oh and it has a spell checker…which should help my poor typo prone fingers )


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