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I LOVE Halloween. October 30, 2006

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OK, so really, I get carried away with Halloween.  I just love it.  I can’t tell you why..I mean I suppose I am a tad morbid…I love morbid books, and morbid things….but there is just something more about Halloween.  I think it is like a gateway holiday… alcohol is a gateway drug 🙂

Halloween just seems to open up so many fabulous doors…It is Halloween that marks the full arrival of winter weather here…especially since the weather is always particularly nasty on Halloween night….Halloween is still the great barrier for Christmas ads….so while there are definitive signs of Christmas in all the stores no one is screaming CHRISTMAS at me yet…..Halloween is the laid back holiday, no big meals to cook, just buy a little candy…..Halloween is the most creative…you aren’t just decorating a tree…you are decorating your kids….and giving them permission to roam the forbidden extended realms of the neighbor begging for candy….then to top it all off, you get the spooky stuff too 🙂 Sigh.  It is all over for another year tomorrow night.  The kids will come home cold and have sniffles and snotty costume sleeves….they will revel in huge piles of candy which must be sorted and resorted into piles by likes and dislikes. 

I have actually been crafting my little head off lately.  I made crocheted skull pot holders, a dishcloth and a matching skull apron for my sister for her birthday..but totally forgot to take pictures (duh) The apron was my favorite, it was bright yellow with turqouise patches on the pockets that had yellow skulls embroidered on them….(same skulls as on the shirt below).  I think my construction left a little something to be desired, but I also know my next apron will be better than the last.

I made a skull shirt for my daughter…again a Sublime Stitching pattern…

And last but not least, we carved pumpkins.  You have no idea how much I love pumpkin carving.  Really.  I have no idea why, I just do.  My mom and dad have a nice warm garage that is perfect for sloppy pumpkin carving in the cold, so traditionally we kind of take advantage of that and go to town.  SO you get the full results of this years pumpkin adventures in more pictures than you want to see….

First….The pumpkin patch, where my children and I got so muddy we had to de shoe to get back in the car. I really should have taken some mud pictures….


Next up, the carved supersquash…..(see, I told you…we even carved the green ones 🙂


And the punkins at rest in my kitchen 🙂

And last, but not least….Sunset pictures from the other night when my son wanted me to look at the pretty clouds with him…


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