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Cuuute Christmas Slippers :-) December 13, 2006

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OK so it has been a while, the problem here is that I have been working on Christmas stuff, and lately I have heard tooooo many people say " I saw the cutest (fill in the) on your blog…."  which means people are actually looking at it. SO I can not post present pictures here. Soon after Christmas you can expect a gift update, and pictures 🙂

BUT I do know that my niece is a tad young to be surfing on her own, so little miss cutie pie is getting a pair of Christmas slippers…. These are plain old red heart, but she is 4, so durability and washability are key.  The pattern is from free patterns although you might have to surf their archives to find it…..

These babies are belled, so hopefully you can hear her coming 🙂

Anyway, since we all LOVE getting things in the mail, I am going to mail them to her, even though she is local 🙂

Sigh.  It is good to be back. 


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