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She’s baaaaack…. February 21, 2007

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Yeup.  Here I be again. Tapping merrily away at keys. I would like to say there is a purpose to this, but I am sure there isn’t 🙂

Oddly enough, for those interested in the crafty stuff….I am midway into making myself a whole pile of wips!

I bought fabric for a great tote bag for me, and the pattern, but have yet to approach even the cutting table.

I started crocheting a matinee swing jacket before I decided my gauge was going to make a jacket the size of a rather large  gorilla. Now since I will be forced to frog, I have set it aside into wipville.

I am about 2/3 of the way through a crocheted shawl. (ooh but I like this one, it is a real wip, one that may reach the finish line!)

And I have bought about a trillion patterns all with good intentions. 

Not to mention my knitting intentions, which really are….make something not square. At one point in time I had alluded to my desire to make socks.  Perhaps that was loftier than I knew.  I shall settle for making something not square now 🙂

Lets see, swapping still too….only I can’t post pics of my only finished for a while, due to package is still in the mail.  I really wanted to post, but I KNOW if there were pictures of something I was receiving out there, I would knock down walls to see them… and then receiving might be a touch anticlimactic.

Really the problem is I have been working my tail off…at work!! Work is hectic in bad weather….by the way it has taken all my willpower NOT to post snow pictures….mostly because I find I am very whiny when it comes to this extended bitch of a winter we are having and I do not want to sound whiny.  Sigh.  I am seriously gearing up for total spring fever. 

Ah what the heck….snow pictures coming right up….

Do you know this person?  If so laugh very hard at her. She passed all the decent normal snow driving rest of us, cause she was clearly a superior driver!  This is her stuck in the snow 🙂

And kids sledding 🙂     This is when we were just at three feet, and snow was still fun.


And of course, courtesy of DD and DH… a snowlady!


My DD is headed to outdoor lab soon…..this is a Colorado experience, we send our sixth graders to the mountains with all the sixth graders in their school. They spend the whole week in dorms playing mountain man, learning archery, looking at stars and other what not.  It truly is a great experience for kids…and I am keeping my fingers crossed the week will go well for her!  The weather here has been fairly unpredictable, and a touch less snow would really help things move smoothly up there.

Oddly enough, it is a strange day when you notice you daughter is growing up.  We shopped in the Jr. section the other day for the first time.  I honestly thought I might cry. Silly isn’t it.

Oh, I do have something I can post…..I finished these cute just for the heck of it buttons…..they are embroidered and then kind of yo-yo sewn over a plastic snap together button assembly, but I think they are cute 🙂


I should probably just leave it at that for the day.  Seems as though I have more to say, but never remember what it was. 

How about a sunrise to make up for it?


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