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Yuck. February 22, 2007

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Today is nothing more and nothing less than a bad day.  I am so whiny I dare not even stay for long.  I am thirsty (Stupid Wendy’s got my order wrong AGAIN and gave me soda instead of iced tea…….stupid diet means NO soda….stupid water is not what I want)  <<<< See what I mean. Whiny.

The worst part is that I know this and am absolutely powerless over it.  I can not control the whine.

I have however managed the bitchiness, and NOT went back to the Wendy’s a THIRD time for order correction.  This is partly due to the fact that I might be a touch embarrassed about the tantrum I threw the SECOND time I went back….but still…..<sigh>

I wish I could say I made tremendous progress on something and was close to having beautiful pictures, but I have worked on nothing 🙂 ( I did crochet one row on my shawl, but I forgot to put it away last night, so by now some horrid child has erased my row and the ten before it) <<see negativity.

I wish I could understand this total funk.  I rather think I should check out effects of salmonella, I have infected peanut butter on my desk at work.  At least then I would have someone to blame. 

The really gross part about this peanut butter recall thing is that I have found three jars of recalled peanut butter within my vicinity.  All are at least half empty, and at least two of those are half empty because of me alone, the third I shared with my kids 😛 sweet isn’t it?  Fortunately we are apparently iron stomached and have not tied any particular bowel issues to peanut butter, although in hindsight, I begin to wonder…….

Eww.  Enough gross stuff….

Tonight I am treating the family to Tamale Kitchen for dinner (mmmmmmm…green chili…..) and I plan on frittering away the evening doing embroidery while watching endless amounts of TV.  (Yes I am a Thursday night addict…..Ugly Betty, Survivor, CSI, and American Idol….how much more fricken mainstream can I be?)  Hopefully by the weekend I will have ditched my funk. 

Just for the fun of it…how about a crafty inventory of my desk? (I have to do SOMETHING at lunch time 🙂


Two cross stitches….both from kits…mostly whim. But I like them 🙂


Recycled Paper crafts:


Functional: Here is a confession too….I LOVE plastic canvas.  It is one of my all time favorite crafts.  It’s OK, I can hear it, the overwhelming ranks of the crafty saying TACKY!!! and yes, it may be, but it is still fun, and who says tacky never = cute. Personally I ❤ my pencil holder.  And my coasters… and my magnets……and all the cheesy 3d thing I have produced over the years…… Perhaps soon I will unload a whole entry of plastic canvas 🙂

And just plain cool: (this is admittedly a gift from my mom, she makes them…I just love it so much I can’t leave it planted between the pages of a book!! SO here it stays, at work where I can look at it 🙂

Hmm. Pictures after all….plus I do feel a touch better.  



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