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Weekends :-) February 26, 2007

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Weekends are wonderful things……

This weekend I…

Finished my taxes!

Actually worked in the craft room for a WHOLE day (this included getting my serger to like me again…..turns out it is even more particular than I thought about the order in which you thread it!!!!!)

Found a shirt pattern that might just fit me, and is my style too!

ALMOST got a child ready for outdoor lab school….

Did not eat out AT ALL (for my family this is a major accomplishment!) I am not a bad cook per se…but I am far more Betty Crocker 50’s cookbook than I am Emeril.   Chefness does not become me.  

Went to a sale at Hancocks and did NOT purchase anything I was not going to use right away…..

Ran all my errands 🙂

And somehow after it all, I just feel relaxed.  Yes I said relaxed! after all the running the craziness, the dog running off with my sewing stuff ness…it was a nice weekend.

And I do have some eyecandy 🙂 I have been doing an incredible amount of embroidery lately, in fact yesterday I snapped a hand needle.  I have never before in all my life just snapped a hand sewing needle unless I was doing something stupid (like pulling it through something it was never intended to go through with pliers!) But there I am needle in hand, and it just snapped in my hand!! I think I used the same needle for several projects recently though. So maybe you can wear them out and should be replacing them like you replace your sewing machine needle.

Seriously, embroidery is cheap (if you do it by hand) and needles are not expensive…. Which begs the question….WHY on earth do I use the SAME needle through a WHOLE project, especially when I do a teeny amount of one color, and I know I will do more, I still UNTHREAD the darn thing and rethread it with what I want to work with next?? There is a crafting oddity for you!  Even worse is right next to me I have two packets of BRAND spankin SHINY gold eyed new needles in assorted sizes…..


Anyhoo….see the pretty pillowcases???


Look, MONKEYS 🙂  


And my favorite part: This Banana…..because the seed stitch filler LOOKS like a banana!!



As Usual these babies are Sublime Stitching.  And I would be totally remiss if I did not say, that by request they were based off of these by catpants. I think I caught the essence without making a direct copy 🙂

Just in case people actually read this…I hope your weekend was wonderful too 🙂


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