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I hate winter. March 1, 2007

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OK, Hate may be a little strong, but this year I am ready for winter to just GO AWAY!

I have always lamented about the state of traffic.  On a weekend, I can get from my office to my house in no more than 15 minutes total.  Add weekday traffic and that total jumps to 30. Then add an accident or some other what not…still only 45 minutes or so.

Yet last night we added something new.  Ice.  Rush hour drive plus ice equals Two and one half hours. You heard me.  I drove 17 miles in the amount of time it normally takes me to get  from Denver to Kansas.  I wanted to cry.  I saw people crying. 

Here is one good parking lot picture:


See how we are just parked there?  Coming and going? This stretch of road is less than two miles, and it took me an HOUR to traverse.  The worst part is that there was no better way to go.

Mr. Winter:

YOU have worn out your welcome.  We are TIRED of you.  You know how you invite someone into your home cause they are kind of nice and you like them and then they stay forever?? You are like that only WORSE.  It was nice the first time.  I got a day off of work, and the snow was so pretty……and it was kind of fund to slosh through the snow with everyone else (even then it only took me an hour) but I am over it now.  The second time was OK, after all, where I work it is always busier and better when bad things are happening.  A few cracked roofs and some frozen pipes, and I am in for a good end of year bonus.  Really though, I think this is overdoing it.  Perhaps you have forgotten that this is Colorado…..maybe you meant to be in Minnesota, or maybe you forgot about the passport rules in Canada and they won’t let you in.  See I don’t care where you go, but I must insist that you leave NOW.  I no longer want your company.  One more drive like that, and I am going to build a global warming army. 

Yours Truly,



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