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Knitting….. March 5, 2007

Filed under: Crafts — mintlatte @ 7:39 pm
OK, this particular post is very important to me.
Because I have knit something.  For the first time this something is NOT a scarf, and even more importantly, it is not fun fur.
Fiber snobs cover your ears, it is red heart 🙂
This is my Calorimetry. From  A real pattern. 
What makes this the best knitted thing ever? I did it.  I swatched, I figured out I only needed 100 stitches to go around my fat noggin.  I figured out what size needles….I cast on no less than five times….I knit wrong and it was horrid, but I studied videos and picture books till I got it right…..on the fifth try I knit until I had this wonderful thing of greenness that looked horrible with my hair.  I wore it anyway (thankfully, four year olds are proud of their mommies, even when the rest of us know she looks silly with her hair hanging out like that!!!!)
I even wore it to check out a new yarn store….and the owner complimented me… she said my knitting looked lovely!!!!!AND when I told her it was my first thing that wasn’t a scarf…she said she never would have guessed….. SO here my friends is my little bit of knitting triumph.  I have purchased a skein of alpaca to celebrate and to try again…. I only twisted two stitches… and I had to undo some stitches to go back and fix pearls where there should have been knits…. all in all I am far to proud of this simple thing… yet I can not help but have visions of sweaters dance in my head.  (a knit sweater takes SOO much less yarn, it can make even the good stuff seem economical!)
Sigh.  See what you all have done to me!!!!!

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