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FRIDAY :-) March 9, 2007

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Need I really say more??? 

Lets see good things this week….

I have been keeping a secret from my blog… I am dieting…..this week I reached the 20lb mark!!! In fact by today I had hurled it with a total of 22 lbs. down.   I am feeling a lot better in a lot of ways…the crappy weather has finally stopped, so I have been walking practically every day….we have a great path at work…well maybe great isn’t a good word for it, but it is a path, and it is paved and it is pretty 🙂

I have made crafty progress on a few things and am getting more comfortable knitting.  Mostly through the tedious process of casting on, deciding after three rows that it stinks and casting on again. 

I have finally settled my mind on a gift for a baby coming into the family soon…. I get to be an aunt again… and I wanted to make something special. I finally decided sometimes it is worth making things for the sake of making them.  So I will make what I want anyway 🙂

I do have finished objects to post, and this is a first for me, cause this may end up being a swap spoiler….I do not think she will recieve until tomorrow…but this swap is a touch unusual so I figure it is OK.  The theme of the swap was weight loss. I made a yoga bag, a water bottle bag, a food journal and a gym towel with a pocket for a locker key.

For the longest time I have struggled with embroidery on dark fabric.  I hate tracing stuff and white pens and other nonsense, so the following solution is perfect for me.  Water soluble stabilizer.  The added benefit here is what stabilizer can do for your stitching!!!

so here is after stitching but before its bath…… 

and here is after dissolving the stabilizer……

Since I forced DD to model the yoga mat bag…..


And last but not least, a group shot 🙂

and a reminder to pay attention to  background color…..


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