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When Cancer takes over….

Spring has sprung…. March 14, 2007

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The trampoline is in desperate need of new pads.  Yes, take your collective gasps of horror, I am a trampoline parent.  You dread sending your child over for fear they will return broken.  And they just might. 

See kids have little to no sense about these things….put one in your yard and you will find that adults have even less.

I have resisted pads….partly thinking that I would be able to get rid of the thing if I refused to care for it.  But then you realize this arm breaking, child injuring, whine maker means something big to them.  The tramp is a little slice of play freedom.  You can jump on it, you can play under it… even thought the rules say not to, you can share it with your friends.  You can lay on it and absorb the sun or lay under it, and rest in the shade.  My son has an entire dirt village under the trampoline, complete with cars and action figures and mud if things work in his favor. 

So the tramp is getting new pads.  And just what you might ask would push a mother over the edge and make her really want to keep this behemoth grass killer????  How can you argue with this…..


At least I know when I have lost.

Oh since this is a craft blog….

I made another one of these 🙂


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