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Knitting messes with my space time continuum. March 21, 2007

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It does.  Put knitting needles in my hand, and well… it changes the very flow of time itself.   My son is loving it because I have been knitting while he is in the tub.  So he has been getting baths over an hour long.  My daughter loves it cause I forget to tell her to go to bed. I have been getting very disagreeable grumblings from the dishes, they believe there is such a thing as too long to "soak".

Really, how come no one warned me about this.  One would think that if there was a giant hole in the space time continuum it would have been noted by now.  The only reference I can find to the problem is in a Douglas Adams book, and frankly, no where does he mention that knitting might cause it. 

The really disturbing thing is that it is all thing knitting related as well.  Try walking into a yarn store, if you are not a knitter, you might not even remember being there, if you are a knitter, you might not remember the existence of the rest of the world. 


Speaking of which: I was out and about on Sunday, and found my ethics highly challenged.  We happened to be by my favorite yarn store, I checked the sign in the window, and it clearly read OPEN, so I proceeded to walk in, only eerily enough, it became clear within nanoseconds that it really was NOT open.  I know you are all HOLDING you BREATH….have you EVER been so seriously tested??? For the record I did the right thing and stayed right by the door of the store until the security I called got there.  I did not stay to see if they got a hold of the owner or any other non such, but think next time I drop by I will mention it and make sure all was well. 

I do not think it is a crime that I daydream about the possibilities…


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