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SOCKS!!!!!!!! March 23, 2007

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I have always said I would knit meself some socks someday…..

I had a few misconceptions about the difficulty of creating socks.  Those have now been corrected.  Socks are in fact not hard.  I still think lace must be hard though.  I am not committing to lace, not now nor ever, but do think I am going to do a lot more knitting. So hopefully, these things that are just now beginning to make sense will make complete sense soon.

I must admit the first sock is a tad wonkier than the second.  Both are probably about three rows shorter in the foot than they should be.  But until you have had/worn hand knit socks, how the heck are you supposed to know, and for what its worth, they are still comfy.  The first one wal also knitted inside out.  Yup, took to knitting in the round all the wrong way.  Only when I cast on the second one did it dawn on me to knit on the OUTSIDE of the circle.  So the second was knitted in proper sock on dpn fashion. 

I have howver discovered that I truly do like nice expensive fibers…these babies are alpaca and wool, and they are SOOOO soft.

I decided to photograph my socks in their natural environment, the cube farm.

Really this would be a one picture post. but these are my FIRST socks people!!

And just to show I did not cheat and knit a tube…. I really did turn a heel…..


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