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Baby Sweater 101 March 28, 2007

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Or How I learned to search online for how to do stuff before I tried it.

OK, here it is, this is the type of person I am… as I was making my 2nd Calorimetry, it occurred to me that casting off stinks.  Why on EARTH am I trying to do something with two pointy sticks, when I know with complete authority that I could do it with considerably less frustration if I only broke out the crochet hook. I did then verily proceed with said crochet hook, making what can only be called a beautiful cast off.  No here is where it gets ugly folks, I sit smugly thinking to myself how VERY clever I have been, and just LOOK what I have done….. When out surfing later for a bind off called for in a pattern I dream about making, I come across this. Yup that’s right, I have only reinvented the wheel all on my lonesome. Still, I didn’t need them to tell me that, I figured it out on my own!!!! Who needs the Internet anyway??

I am:

1. To cheap to pay for primo knitting classes at my LYS.

2. Clearly to smart to need help, I think of classic techniques on my own.

3. To scared to attend the FREE classes they offered at the library. (What if I just DON’T get it, how dumb will I look then??)

4. Incredibly stubborn. No really, I am, what’s worse is that sometimes I will do things my way even AFTER you tell me not to.

Do you see where this is going???                                

Here I am making baby sweater for a niece to be, the back is just OK, I was using needles that stuck to my cotton yarn like glue. I got all the way to the end of the back before it dawned on me that I have brand new cheapo aluminum circular needles in the same size, and that I should try them.   I cast on the front on the new needles only to find they are slick and wonderful, knitting proceeds far more quickly now….

But my gauge is WACK, WAY off…. I forge ahead despite all this, follow the somewhat deceptive and vague directions regarding shaping a neckhole, and look at my finished product.  There is no picture, I am too vain to post just how wonky this neck looks. I know deep in my heart of hearts that this is not going well, what appears cute to the naked eye is quickly rolling into something resembling disaster.

The neck on my sweater looks like a brick wall that had a mack truck hit it and run off, it is wonky to say the least.  And now that I am done… Look what I find.


I still refuse to stop, and am committed to knitting the damn neckline the way it is.  I am imagining just how well the ribbed neckline will hide the wonkiness. It will either work, in which case there will be triumphant pictures, if not…..well….lets just pretend this didn’t happen eh?


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