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Baby sweater 101 Continued…… March 30, 2007

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The lightbulb just keeps coming on folks, it turns out with knitting you don’t just get it from reading a pattern.  See, I can do this with crochet, I can look at a sewing pattern and "get it" (granted DOING it is another thing entirely, but I can see how all the piece parts go together to make it work) Looking at a knitting pattern does nothing for me.  I just don’t get it. But I CAN follow it, and when the directions are followed… well, things begin to make sense 🙂

Look at how this is starting to be a sweater…. (and ignore that mistake in the neck ribbing.  Thats my plan and I am sticking with it!!!) I am thinking that necklines are a case of practice makes perfect, but am pleased with how well this came out 🙂 

OH and for anyone with baby knitting experience, despite the fact that this photo could mislead you, there will eventually be little crocheted loops for buttonholes at the neck, so baby’s big head will fit through it 🙂

I have sleeves cast on, and frankly, the more I knit, the happier I be.  Plus it is a bit reassuring that this is for a baby shower.  No one ever pulled anything out of a box at a baby shower and had the response be MY GOD THAT’S UGLY!!! So I will walk away never knowing anything other than Awww, and how cute, and You Made That?   even if the sweater ends up at the Goodwill. And I am actually OK with that 🙂


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