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The day the Harlot came to Denver…. April 7, 2007

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I do not normally go to events.  But when I heard that the Yarn Harlot ( was coming… I just knew this was different I had to go.  I started reading the Yarn Harlot blog just about this time last year.  Soon, I had devoured it, archives and all. The strange thing about it all, is that at that time I didn’t even knit.  I just knew she was talking to me though, my love of fabrics threads, anything creative, I have a room in my house dedicated to my crafts, and I often find that people find this "excessive" to say the least.  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee became my enabler.  It wasn’t long before I started surfing other knitting sites.  I found other knit bloggers I liked to read (Stephanie is still the queen) Then I picked up the sticks.   I had a brief love affair with a couple of novelty yarn scarves, but it ended all too quickly.  I did not (I believed) have the skills to do this.  This was not what I wanted to make.  I began a hollow existence of surfing web sites and wishing I could do that.  I even talked my mother into making things I wanted.  I swapped all sorts of crafts on line for knitted things…..

That ended this year.  This year I really learned to knit.  Clearly I am in baby step land, but I am here. I even have a favorite LYS.  I even have a tiny, but respectable stash of REAL yarn (not all acrylic 🙂

So you can see that I had to go.  I was obsessive.  I took the entire day off of work.  I showed up at the Tattered Cover downtown,  at 2:30 in the afternoon, tickets were to be given out at 6:30 and Stephanie Pearl Mcphee was to arrive at 7:30.  I was so nervous about going to meet a bunch of strangers that I almost tossed my cookies on the lightrail. But I didn’t and I went anyway.  Once I got in "the line" I relaxed. A lot.  There was a lady in line who had been there since 7:30 in the morning.  I was nervous about her, but I recognized what she was knitting as entrelac socks.  SO I decided to like her anyway.  Next in line was a young lady who was knitting the most amazing sweater with a swirly pattern on it.  The type of things I want to make.  Next was a couple from Alaska, they happened to be in town to visit family, the cool thing was, they were both knitters!! He was knitting something yellow on circular needles, and she provided fixing services for him.  As I nervously cast on one of the few socks I had made, I asked if she offered that service to others…and I tell you what if I had had a problem, I know she would have fixed it for me.  Next in line was a girl (and soon to be a group) from a local Stitch n’ Bitch… Oddly enough I could tell you in detail about every project these women were making, but I don’t remember their names.  Right in front of me was a mother daughter pair.  I can’t even tell you how cool they were….

See the thing is I could go on and on about all these people.  We didn’t even know each other and I had a great time…I petted silk/merino roving and briefly pondered the possibilities of spinning, I saw cool socks made of the very sock yarn I was using to make plain socks…( I hope the yarn isn’t offended by that) I petted soy hats…and admired so many socks, I can’t even explain it!!

Finally after an impromptu pizza party that probably still has the folks at the Tattered Cover shaking their heads…. we got down to the business of congregating in the room.  After an hour or so of socializing with new people, I caught a glimpse of something unmistakable….the Bohus.  Our celebrity was in.  She was all they say she is and more.  For me this was pretty simple.    I heard all she said and could quote some of it, but the real message for me was that  Knitting makes me a better person, and that it is OK to share that with others. 

I have bad cell phone pictures, and great memories.  ( I petted the Bohus…… the cell picture makes it look like I took a picture of an incredible bright light…it was like that in person too.)

Front of the line……

Other way in line….

The room….

The Bohus ( see it glow???)

  The traveling sock.


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