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Baby Showers….. April 13, 2007

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OK, so the sweater and booties go to their new home tomorrow.  And I am nervous.  What the hell am I thinking gifting someone with my first bit of real garment knitting?? Will this be the first time ever someone pulls a baby gift out of a box and says Awww, a sweater shaped dishcloth!!!! I am second guessing, maybe I should have made the quilt?  But I love the quilt too much (I haven’t even made it, I have only embroidered one panel, and yet I can’t even give it up in my mind) But I KNOW they wouldn’t have liked the quilt, it is my style, not theirs……

Then there is the whole thing about posting on a blog I finished something a whole WEEK before the shower…I think they revoke knitting credentials for things like this, frantic deadlines make knitters more productive, right?  BUT this was a first, I had to leave room for a crazy back up plan if it turned out I really couldn’t knit and I was full of hooey….

If there is anything I know about myself it is that I have too much self doubt for my own good.  I have seen people turn out all sorts of crafts that are just crap, and they act like they are gold…. but the thing is, I have my mother to compare myself too.  Next to her, my stuff is merely "good" Mother is the holy grail of crafters.  I often wonder that she isn’t a famous name in the industry.  She has practically impeccable taste. On the other hand my stuff is normally good… (I have taste issues, and jump off a cliff and do something MY way issues that mean spectacular failure sometimes) I definitely do not gift crap,  it is not in my nature to gift "crap"… why I worry so much is beyond me.  Yet worry I do. 

Anyhoo…keep your fingers crossed for me.  All I want to hear is How cute!!! so I can go home, and never know…….


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