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Ogg sloooowww knitter….ogg knit socks… over and over and OVER April 23, 2007

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So once one has accomplished something once…. it should be simple to accomplish it again. This is not true for me.  I have a mental block.  The scariest thing about making socks for me was that in the end I had to make not just one, but two socks.  And HOW on EARTH could I make two things that came out just alike??? Sweaters?  Two sleeves!! What makes me think they will be alike?? 

Anyhoo, the thing is I am STILL working on the same pair of socks.  Still.  What might be the problem?? Um… that would be the unknitting.  "Tinking" is the nice name knitters give it, or even "frogging" I call it lots of things even I won’t type out.  I dropped a stitch while turning the heel,  TURNING THE HEEL PEOPLE….. Which in some cases means the crochet hook trick in my case means rip the sucker back!!  Then I picked up stitches like 80 times before I was happy with them.  But this is taking FOREVER.  Sometimes I love it, other times I want to throw it. 

So just for proof that I am indeed on the second sock I have pictures. 

Things to note: 

1. The hijacker is here.  I have given up trying to get pictures of FO’s without him in the picture unless I am at work.  Therefore we do our best to actually get a decent photo of him rather than the blur you get while trying to get a decent picture of just the FO.

2. The disaster I call the living room.  Do try to overlook the clutter, this is after all a living room.  It is practically in the same room as the kitchen, and we really do live here. 

3. Hairy legs.  ’nuff said.

4. Loopy stitches that have been picked up over 500 times.

5. Indeed, one sock is done, and the other has a heel.  After photos I finally got my stitches picked up happily and was able to move on with my sock.  Expect further drama as we get to the toe.  I shamelessly modified sock #1 to fit my square toes, and did NOT write down a single thing I did. Meaning it will be extra fun to duplicate it. 



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