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Plain Rust Socks….. April 26, 2007

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I have sock pictures!!! These are my second pair of socks, and the first knitted with actual sock yarn!!!  Oh and really no pattern, just generic sock recipe knitted from the top down.  (I totally suck at grafting by the way……)

I found the sock yarn that practically everyone in the internet world hates though….I just don’t get it, I think its kind of nice….I used Brown Sheep Wildfoote sock yarn.  It may be a touch splitty, but so far every thing I have knit with has been a touch splitty…..I am sure it isn’t the softest (my ultra alpaca socks are SOOOFFFFTTTT, but will probably will have a limited life)  but it feels darn nice on my feet.  And I have heard it blooms nicely once washed….and these are not yet washed 🙂 BUT I am wearing them anyway!!!!

Anyhoo, I started these on April 5th, at the Tattered Cover when the Yarn Harlot was in town.  SO these are kind of like souvenir socks.  Noticeable here is that it took me practically an entire month to finish ONE pair of socks.  ONE PAIR people.  I kind of thought Socktober stuff would be fun now that I am officially knitting socks, but realize that at my pace the best I can hope for is a pair and a half! If I add a design I am totally lost people, that will put me down to a pair!!!!

What worries me even more is that in the amount of time it took me to figure out I could knit socks, I amassed 7 months worth of sock yarn at my current pair a month rate.  7 MONTHS……… I have trekking, and trampoline, and lion sock (it was a BUCK A SKEIN PEOPLE!!!!!) and well something else I can’t remember the name of, and even now I know I am forgetting something I bought and stashed somewhere…. I think the next pair will be plain again, only in self patterning yarn, so they should at least LOOK prettier.  But after that I am totally switching it up!!!! Gonna make me some FANCY socks… and shave my legs for the pictures 🙂


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