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Allergic. April 30, 2007

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To everything.  EXCEPT Mold, Oak Trees, Pine Trees and Dogs.  I HATE allergy season, which is all the time except when it is snowing.  Spring is the worst though.  Apparently not only am I allergic, I have asthma because of the allergies.  And I am clueless about the asthma thing.  I think I am doing well when I can lay down at night and not hear my lungs pop.  Seriously, like bubble wrap.  I can just lay there and hear them.  I am told this is called wheezing.  It neither feels nor sounds like any kind of wheezing I ever heard of. 

See the thing is apparently what I have is severe, even life threatening allergies.  And I want to be in denial.  I so want to just not acknowledge this.  I want to have a normal spring where I go out in my yard and do yard stuff and have a beautiful yard.  But simply going through the outdoors from my car to my house can set me off so badly I just want a nap.  I feel like an old lady who can not catch her breath.

Anyway, I have a new drug regiment, pop one of these, take two puffs of that, stick this up your nose…. and I hate it all.  I don’t want to do any of it.  Because I don’t think it helps.  At all.  Maybe I just have to understand that I cannot expect to exhibit NO symptoms…. that there will always be symptoms….. sigh.  Always. Be. Symptoms. 

So I am taking all my different medicines.  Trying to convince my family life is better in the house with no windows open.  Trying not to yell at my kids for going in and out too much….when really that is exactly what they should be doing.  Trying to pretend that I am OK with outdoors, but I am not.  I am terrified.  Terrified of the stupid allergic reactions.  Tired of looking OK on the outside and feeling my lungs just burn on the inside.  Tired of the stupid medicine. Tired of trying to convince everyone at work I am not sick.  I only have allergies… they still spray my desk with Lysol when I leave every day.  By the way Lysol sucks I can’t stand the smell and it makes my hands burn, all of which I have stated aloud, and yet they do it anyway 😦

For the record, I finally will be starting allergy shots.  I am told 15% are non responders.  Please hope, pray or whatever you do that I am not a non-responder.  I need this to work.  My other option is to move to where there are less "things I am allergic to" which I am guessing is the damn moon.  As far as I can tell I am not qualified to live in outer space.  Although if the stalker lady astronaut in the diapers went, I suppose I could actually be pretty darn close to qualified.  At no time in my life have I considered wearing diapers and traveling cross country for any purpose that has to do with a love triangle.

OK, that’s enough whining for the day.  In other news, I have cast of for a new pair of socks in a lovely Trekking XXL in a beautiful blue turquoise and misc. hue colorway that I just plain love.  But I am using itty bitty size one needles. So I think these will take TWO months.  I also cast on and made progress on a beautiful Internet hat pattern.  I promise more info on the hat when I forgive it for making me spend more time ripping than knitting because I can’t frigging count and watch a movie at the same time.  Oh and Lady in the Water…. what the hell is the matter with everyone who hated this movie?  I loved it…… A LOT.  Granted the ads sure didn’t convey the real feeling of this movie, but still do not write off a beautiful fairy tale in a strange modern setting.  I love fairy tales, and this one was wonderful.


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  1. ashpags Says:

    Hey!  I came here from the Yarn Harlot\’s site, and just wanted to say *Thank You* for posting the link to the TV interview from the CO news station.  She never comes near where I live during her tours, so it is always great to hear her talk over the internet!  Thanks again, and good luck with the allergy shots!  I hope they work wonders! 🙂

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