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WIPS and Coffee and my 7 seconds of fame….. May 2, 2007

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So I no longer feel badly about taking a month to finish my Harlot socks.  It took 9 news a full month to post the story!!! But you see me there in the audience in fleeting moments, and they get a close up of my hands knitting the rust socks 🙂 So now they have truly achieved their status of souvenir socks!!

Anna-Liza has the whole story on her blog.  Check it out, as she kept far better track of who was who than I was capable of 🙂

Yesterday morning, I went to make myself a lovely cup of morning coffee to go, only to find my dear, darling children had destroyed any mug that had the potential to fit in my cupholder.  As punishment for said destroying of mother’s happiness, I made them tromp to the Starbuck’s with me last night so I could seek out a brand spankin’ new mug for my commute.  Although I usually fawn over Starbucks tumblers and fall in love and get price shock, I was stunned to find NO seasonal too pretty for words tumblers at my Starbucks!! I did however find the make it your own tumbler and it was on SALE.  After embarrasing my daughter by pulling out my little ruler and measuring the cup to make sure it was compatable with my small Korean cupholders, I smugly purchased the mug and even treated myself to an Americana.  Once at home though, it was clear the mug needed to be personalized.  Since the children are little mug destroyers, I refused to put their pictures on it.  Maybe eventually, but for now… This 🙂

    A Yarn Mug 🙂

Oh and I am really truly knitting stuff…. here is the start of the blue sock….

And I think my favorite thing so far….. I am amazed at how true the colors came out in this picture!!! For the record this is attempt #2 at this hat.  There are lessons to be learned from the kind of frogging I had to do to this, like sometimes you just have got to pay attention to what the hell you are doing in the first place.  Do not under any circumstance think you can just follow a pattern, in order to do this you will have to look at your work and recognize your stitches, and maybe learn what the hell a YO looks like when you knit into it.  This time dear friends, I have it.  Although if I said I was not a touch disturbed at the notion of the decrease rounds I would be lying.


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