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Odessa May 5, 2007

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I finished Odessa.  I cannot tell you how happy I am this came out well.  I risk ruining the surprise for mom on Mothers day, but Odessa is for her 🙂

I can’t recall the last time I saw mom wear a hat, so it is a little strange that I made her one, but I think she would be knocked down sideways if what I got her wasn’t a touch strange. 

Mom has made me so many nice things over the years….aside from the year we recycled the red bridesmaid dress for sanity sake, I was ALWAYS the best dressed girl at any formal.  She made the red bridesmaid dress too, in the bride’s choice.. a southern style hoop skirted monstrosity with white lace trim.  Later we donated it to the local high school’s theater department.  I often get little inside chuckles thinking that someone else has to wear that thing now!!  See mom was so great at what she does, the dress still lives, it will not wear out, and you wouldn’t know it looking from the outside, which is all lace and beauty, but mom knew me well, and nothing was constructed with a less than iron constitution!

Mom knit things for me when I couldn’t knit… (actually I just didn’t get it… seriously could not figure it out… clearly I got over that!!)

So I guess this is just a way to thank her for all that 🙂

Anyhoo… on to the hat 🙂 I used Sublime extra fine merino dk, and it took me slightly more than a skein.  Needle sizes just as in the pattern.  Clearly I need to work on tension, I knit tighter than anyone I have seen yet, so this one for me became more about watching my tension, and not knitting so tightly so I could accomplish the knit togethers in the pattern.  I think I did OK.  And it fits, which I guess is what counts after all. 

I really think I did OK, on this one and am really getting the sweater itch…..


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