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Heh. May 15, 2007

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So I haven’t posted for a teeny bit, wish I had something great to show, but I don’t.  I have squares that are not square, socks that are barely progressing, and a large dose of insanity. 

I did start allergy shots.  Shot #1: OK.  #2: big fat red burning arm today, and I got the shot yesterday…. I hope this does not bode ill.

In other news…. wait… there IS no other news. None.  Zip. Zilch.

Oh, hey I did have a fantastic mothers day, with a unique breakfast…..the decorated bag from DS was a breakfast in bed kit, with a muffin, a decorated cup and a lovely teabag…plus one of those cute cards they make with their little handprints as flowers. My daughter woke up early and made us pancakes (they learned at school) this was the best batch she had tried so far, and I am glad she isn’t afraid of the kitchen 🙂

And my mother loved the hat…. plus it actually looked really good on her…. WAY better than it looked on me 🙂  The color totally flattered her… and I am darn proud it came out so well!!!

And since I fell it is a touch odd to post with no pictures, how about a flower from Grandma’s garden?  This is from Kansas some time last year, and the thing about Kansas is that every picture I take seems to have a haze around it, I think it is the humidity… but it gives things a nice dreamlike aura….


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