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My first meme… May 23, 2007

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Silly, but true.

My friend Anna-Liza over at Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Needles of Doom tagged me, (I love that name it is somewhat silly and far more fun to say and type than it should be…. yeah, easily amused=me.)  Anyhoo, if you weren’t creeped out a little by me before, let this be your warning, even I find the following list a touch disturbing.

So here we go, 8 weird things about me.

1. I buy Carmex in tubes then take the label off, cause the tubes are clear underneath.  I do this so I can see exactly how much Carmex I have left and never ever have a Carmex emergency.  I also have Carmex on my desk at work, in my purse, in my knitting/craft bag, on my nightstand, and in various sundry locations throughout my home where I might momentarily perch myself.  Carmex emergencies are very scary.  A slightly odder thing about this is that I have mixed up the purse Carmex and the work Carmex before, and now I color code them, I color the bottom of the work tube red, and the purse tube blue.

2. I have a Care-Bear thing.  I am a member of the Care-Bear fan club.  I have seen all the movies, and would have a Care Bear room  in my house except for that might cross the line and be creepy.  (I even like the Care-Bear cousins)

3. I also love Build A Bear.  I am not a huge stuffed animal fan, but I love that you can go in and just "make" an animal, and all the silly clothes just make me giddy.  I avoid it like the plague, cause I tend to live vicariously through my children and go overboard when we go there.

4.  I am thoroughly absorbed by non-fiction books, shows or anything having to do with serial killers, or even just bizarre crimes.  I review any crime scene photos I find.  I am terribly morbid, and always look at gory accident photos when they show up at work.  When I say gory people, let me just say you have no idea.  You have heard that saying about train wrecks and looking away…. it is kind of like that, not only can I not look away, I seek them out.  My kids hate this, because I really truly do know what happens when they don’t buckle up, or the ride their bike in front of a train, or any other number of things kids will do because they have genius kid brains.  They hate this, because it makes me extra mean about things like seat belts. 

5. I look at things while I do them, so even though I can type without looking at my fingers, ten key, knit, crochet and even write fairly legibly in straight lines, I stare at my hands while I do them so right now when most touch typists are looking at the screen and I can look at the screen and type quite well, I am more comfortable staring at my hands.  I think an extension of this is that if I have a pen and paper in front of me on the phone, and I give someone my number to call me back, I write down my number as I give it to them. 

6.  I am a true fan of the Wal-Mart.  Cry all you want tell me every horrible thing about them, how they drive others out of business, how they are horrible employers, and every little gripe about them you want.  Wal-Mart revolutionized the supply chain, they single handedly changed the face of retail today, they put numbers behind ideas (shelf space vs. sales, that shelf space is advertising that is worth MONEY, volume pricing concepts, supply chain economy…you name it) they are a true statistical giant.   Every large corporate citizen has its drawbacks.  Wal-Mart is not the worst corporate citizen we have, neither are they the best, but they are one of the smartest, and I respect them for that.  Plus " I am runnin’ out to the Wal-Mart honey, need anything?" just rolls off my tongue.

7.  I am more comfortable at a messy desk than at a clean one.  I have to do a marginally decent job of keeping the cube at the threshold of reasonable, but if you pile me up with papers I am happier.  If I put things away, I have to remember what job they are associated with, if they are stacked around me, I just kind of know where to look, it is inexplicable.   Lately I am trying to rebel against my messy desk self, and keep it actually truly clean not scary for others.  I even dug out the color coded files they pushed on me ages ago and started using them.  I actually could never do it, except for the fact I have my digital file.  I can put stuff away now because I scan it in to a huge file on the server, and I can search for it my way on my terms.  I think that my scanning actually creeps out the IT guy, as it is clear I am a scan addict.  It also makes me appear super organized, (which I am so NOT) but I am willing to pretend if it makes them happy.    

8.  I love date stamps.  I have two different kinds.  I love the clickety sound, and then there is the date on something. Received and date, billed and date, changed and date, entered and date.  Oh anything at all you want to do and date.  Love them.  Stampity stamp stamp 🙂


In the spirit of the Meme, I should tag someone else, but I won’t because I really have no idea how many people read this on any given days, stats are good, but I either collect non commenters, or stupid MSN live stuff keeps people from wanting to comment.


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