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The great gas station robbery…. May 24, 2007

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So I am perilously close to running out of gas this morning.  I have only one choice in gas stations, there are no others close enough for me to make it.  I pull in, and notice the darn yellow out of gas sleeves on everything BUT premium.  Yes, it is true, I paid three dollars and seventy nine cents a gallon for gas.  My little ten gallon gas tank drained thirty seven dollars from my account, just like that. You would think that would be the robbery part, but you would be wrong.  I dragged my morning tired overly grumpy too much money for gas crappy mood but into the store with my lovely mug for a refill.

So while I am filling my coffee cup, the morning crowd rolls in and the line is MILES long and the old lady cashier is SSSLLLOOOWWWW….and putting premium into the Hyundai was one wrong of the morning, I decided promptly that two wrongs DO make a right, and I walked out with my refilled mug, and did NOT pay. 

Honestly I felt OK about this, (thirty seven dollars people!!!!) but then when I got home from work, my darling daughter told me all about school where they learned that caffeine was a drug and all, and it hit me….


I had robbed a gas station, manned by a little old lady, for my fix.  

Think they’ll buy it in prison??


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