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Slacker. June 8, 2007

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Yup y’all I am a slacker, sewing away, not posting and all.  But in the past week I have made 3 skirts, (soon to be 4) commissioned by a local renaissance fest employee, and my extra huge super cool tote bag… (more on that later though).

I have determined that I dislike sewing for others.  Sure it was all fine and dandy when she asked me to make the skirts, but people who do not sew have no idea.  She said she would buy the material and she did, but she bought stretch knit jersey and georgette.  I have successfully turned out two jersey floor length drawstring waist skirts, and one of the georgette.  I hate the materials. I think what the difference between crafting I enjoy is and crafting I do is my love of the materials.  The hat I made for mom I love, the materials were perfect for that hat!  Before you think I am a material snob, let me just say I am making the simply soft shrug, and it is wonderful too….the stripes just rock and it is so nice and toasty… Alos when people say they will buy material, I am beginning o ralize it is important to let them know they need to buy thread, elastic, and all other notions, as well as the pattern I use. Lord knows I can’t use this poattern for me, it is only about 10 sizes too small.  ( I did however get a nice perk up from explaining that she was a size 12 in pattern measurements, and definatle not a size 6 🙂

Anyhoo, when I was sewing with stuff I disliked, I found that my sewing skills suffered.  The skirts were not nearly as nice as I would have liked to make.  I know part of it was that the material was not meant to be floor length skirts, but the other part is I kept thinking about how nice they would be in a nice crisp cotton weave, how full and pretty they would be, even a rougher weave would have been beautiful….given them some body they sorely needed.  As it is, they are just not all that great.  I will post pics when they are done, just because, but am less than satisfied with my work.  Basically I just want them out the door and gone so that I can continue a project I have been enjoying with deeply satisfying results. 


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