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Ms. Brick House Models June 15, 2007

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Ms. Brick house is non other than my DTD.  Recently (as some of you may be aware) I got suckered was asked to make some ren faire skirts.  Miss. Thang they were made for is far smaller than Ms. Brick House or myself, but since these are drawstring waist full skirts, Ms. Brick House was able to model for us.  They do for the record look FAR better on Miss. Thang than on Ms. Brick House.

I REALLY am dying to show off my awesome bag that I am almost done with the organizer for……but the bag is dying everything I wear it with!! The material for this bag must have enough dye in it to well….be way too dyed.  So I am going to make one more attempt to set the dye before photos. 

Oh and since the rest of the blog world regards today as eye candy Friday… here is why I love my camera 🙂 Caught both kids in a dead run race through the sprinklers!


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