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The big bag June 17, 2007

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Back in January, I bought some fabric for a bag I planned to make.  McCalls #4851.

I finally made my bag. Before I set out on my little sewing adventure, I did my background work, I checked to see if anyone else had made the same bag, luckily, a few had.  Every one of them said it was so huge they would not use it.  That is when the light went on for me…so huge? BAH, that bag will be perfect for me!!!!!!!!

Before I go on, let me tell you it is huge, hubby is worried I have crafted a means to dispose of his body 🙂

BUT I love it. 

I hate the people who wrote the instructions though. See, the tote bag was the easy part, I also made the removable organizer. 

Unless you have an industrial machine, do not attempt this with corduroy. It is absolute heaven to have a bag with 11 pockets inside and 6 outside, this bag is a bag lovers DREAM….. but making these organizer pockets was pure frustration.  I ended up hand finishing parts of it because there was no way my machine would sew through all involved layers, and if it COULD sew through them I would not know because they were not accessible. That organizer at its thickest part (along the bottom of the pockets) is 2 layers of timtex, two layers of corduroy, 2 layers of lining fabric, two layers of applique fusing, and the bias tape layers. They are all officially and formally cursed now, and you would be very smart to stay at such a distance where any sewing anomalies could be easily overlooked.  If that did not scare you off, that is only one side. Now you get to do the same thing on the other side with and inch and a half separating the two so that you must do sewing machine yoga poses to get the damn thing anywhere near a needle. Top it off with some pretty wack directions in a few places, and this baby is lucky to be in existence.

It does however load up WONDERFULLY, and carries much lighter than its load due to straps of accurate length.  This will finally meet my needs for a work tote as it will tote everything, even a lunch on a daily basis.   

And a final action shot to show you just how absolutely huge this awesome bag is…..

Happy sewing, knitting or whatever you are doing, I am playing with kool-aid….. but more on that lucky turn of events later 🙂


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