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Opportunity Knocking….. June 18, 2007

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So a while back, my mom got some handspun from a friend of a friend.  The yarn was handspun for the express purpose of having it knit up for charity.  Mom, being the kind soul and excellent knitter that she is, offered to knit some of it up.  Some being 700 yards.

Now, there was no specific charity or any specific item to be made, just the stipulation by the spinner that it go to charity. 

People, I admire this spinner deeply.  This yarn looks AMAZING, it is evenly spun, and plied to perfection.  It is also not at all splitty.

It is, however, like knitting with sandpaper. Mom thought it might felt up well, but it didn’t felt up at all.  My ears perked up when I hear this….it didn’t felt up at all…. I would have begged her for some, but any knitter in their right mind would pass this off at the first opportunity, so I just had to hint. 

Why on earth did I want it?  I had dye thoughts running through my brain. And where else was I going to find a 100% wool product that was not chemically treated and wouldn’t felt?

First I decided to make a plain old hat…..  

I was still nervous about dyeing yarn, so I figured dye a finished hat……Well, it worked….

This is dyed solid grape kool-aid, 2 packets… and turned out quite well.

I still had loftier goals though….. and no yarn swift or ball winder…. which I think I must procure eventually as it would have made this whole process much faster.  I used two kitchen chairs as a swift, my own hands provided wonky ball winding services 🙂

So yarn…. pre bath:

The bath:

I later decided this was too green and added some strawberry….. now check this:

This color is better than I could have hoped for!! It is a lovely olive green with copper highlights and some deep brown in the odd place…..I am so in love.

For the record this wool is tearing up my hands, but I am determined to knit it up….plus I am learning fair isle techniques! But, more on that later 🙂


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