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Hat, hatter, hattiest….. June 19, 2007

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I been cranking out the hats 🙂 As you all well know, I decided to make this charity yarn into a bit of a lesson.  After all, in the end the recipients will be happy to have a nice, warm functional hat, and a couple of loopy stitches will matter not to them.  So while in practice territory, I figured it was time to buck up and use more than one color.  As far as I can tell, I am using fair isle techniques, floating the yarn along the back, but I plan on playing with intarsia too…..

And while I am hatting away, I figure these are good prototypes for a hubby hat.

1. Hubby has a larger than normal head.

2. He hates tight hats.

3. He thinks the star pattern that spirals into the center of hats looks, well…."girly"

4. He likes hats with stripes and random geometric stuff.

The purple kool-aid hat of days ago and these have a small thing in common, as they are all from my Knitting Workshop book, EZ definitely knew her stuff, and she rocked it. 

First up is a simple fair isle straight from the tell me what to do oh knitting sage section of the book….  

Except for the row of twisted stitches, and the little bloop in the graph on the top design, I was exceptionally thrilled with this….Yes I have heard of ripping back, no I did not choose to do so, thank you very much.  Anyhoo I found the hard way that when they say carry the colors in different hands, they did not mean you should ever knit through the back loop of the stitch.  I am not even sure why I thought I was meant to. As luck would have it I was consistent in this mistake, and it is now a "design feature"

Next up is my new pride and joy, I LURVE this hat people, it is kind of stupid how happy this hat makes me.   It has a properly executed design, in more than one color, I didn’t master the float tension, but I did OK, and I did the appropriate knitting math in my very own noggin to create a hat crown that was NOT a "girly" spiral.  I know it isn’t new, and tons of hats have this kind of crown but it was new to me and I did it without a pattern!  The leaves are again from Knitting Workshop, only being terribly lazy, I neglected putting them on a sweater and placed them on the hat instead. 

See how the leaves are green then brown then green?? That is another reason…that is my first ever dyed yarn from yesterday. 

So, that’s what’s happening here…. more knitting as the hands see fit 🙂


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