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Green…. June 27, 2007

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So my family pretty much sneers at green.  The environmental green that is.  The kids and DH think I am just a nonsense hippie child.  (Strangely, the older I get the closer to the stereotype I become) Anyhoo, y’all know I couldn’t leave you just like that didn’t you??

So here is an actual real for true finished object:

   This would be a reusable grocery bag folks.  And don’t let the picture mislead you, just this weekend I tested this baby with two gallons of milk.  I am in love, and plan on churning out LOTS, but the real kicker is the pocket on the front because it folds into this:


Can you say bag heaven?  I do LOVE a good bag.  While I wish I could tell you this was my brainchild, I was inspired by the crafty goodness of ye olde Craftster again.  Here are the instructions for this lovely bag. let me tell you, I do better work with better directions, and these are just my style, more action less conversation 🙂 Anyhoo, to get back to the intro, these are almost cool enough to get my family to reuse something.

So, since I was out and about for lunch today, I observed the following while hopping into my car. Normally I keep my more bizarre photo moments to myself*, but seriously, this is too much for me too keep to myself….at first I thought they drove through a tack field, then the truth hit me.  It is June people, It is like 90 something degrees outside, it has been 90 something for over a month! Why oh why would someone be driving around with their snow tires still on??

And since in a prior post I maligned my dear children, might I point out that little glimpses of this, make the fighting that much more unbearable.



* I take pictures of things.  I do not think I could survive without a digital camera, and if you ever saw my memory card……


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